NUF Company Formation

Looking for a completely affordable way to start a company in Norway, then the NUF is what you seek! The NUF is similar to the AS, a traditional Norwegian company, benefiting equal rights but with the exception that it does not have to bear any personal liabilities.

Being one of the fastest developing company forms in Norway, the NUF is widely chosen by both new and experienced entrepreneurs. It is fully legal and an accepted European company registration.

What you get with your NUF when you file your application through Panlegis, is a limited company registered both in England as well as in Norway, as per laws that state that with a limited company in UK, you have the freedom to acquire a registered company anywhere in the EU.

Panlegis offers you an NUF that enjoys all the advantages of an AS besides a number of other features. You do not suffer any personal liabilities whatsoever. You get all the tax benefits available to an AS along with enhanced social rights.

Other facilities include the elimination of an auditor’s service if the company sales are below $5 million per annum plus the exclusion of the minimum share capital requirement of £100,000 that is mandatory for an AS. What is great is that you can even employ yourself in the company and draw a salary too!

A summary of the advantages that you get if you register your NUF through Panlegis
• No personal liabilities are involved
• No taxes are deducted on company dividends
• Profits that are made through company shares do not attract taxes
• In case of sales being below $5 million, no auditor will be required
• There is no requirement of a minimum share capital
• You can employ yourself in the company
• Get dividends as salary
• Evade limits to income on pension

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